What should I do to rank in the top results in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing?

  • Please click Channels / Website / SEO from the upper menu of HotelRunner panel.
  • Enter your keywords in the Meta Keywords field, click enter and then apply this for each new keyword you will add.(It is required that the word is created as a blue icon for your meta keywords to be activated.)
  • In the Meta Description field, you must make up a meaningful sentence with the words you write above. This sentence must be designed in a way to appear in search results and attract your guests. With these operations you perform, your hotel will be featured in the top results of search engines.
  • Example: Taksim Boutique Hotel is your hotel. So, in the meta keywords field, you may write the following sentence: “Enjoy the comfort to the bits in Taksim Boutique Hotel”
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