What is the privacy policy link or user agreement link and how to add it?

n the privacy policy and user agreement link fields, you can define your hotel- or booking-related texts such as booking policy, cancellation policy, privacy terms and user agreements when your guests are booking.

  • If your ongoing website has a page link redirecting to the user agreement and privacy policy, you may perform amendments on these sections.
  • This process of channels respectively for HotelRunner panel  Channels / Booking Buttons / Settings follow the steps

    Adding a User Agreement Link

If you are using a website through HotelRunner and willing to add a user agreement or privacy policy link on your website, please follow the steps below.

  • Please first click Channels / Website from the upper menu.
  • Please click Pages / Add a Link from the left hand side.

    Adding a Page

  • In the dropdown menu, please enter the title, link and permanent link settings and then click the save button.

    Adding a Page

  • From the content section, please add your text regarding the user agreement or privacy policy.
  • Other fields include fields you are recommended to complete for your SEO activities. After entering the tags, meta title, meta keywords and the meta definition, please click the save button.
  • Drawing up a User Agreement

  • To add the permanent link you have created, please click My Property / Profile / Settings.
  • Please type the permanent link in the user agreement field at the bottom of the page and then click save.

    Drawing up a User Agreement

    Note: You may follow the similar steps for privacy policy as well.


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