What does the pink color mean in the Reservations list page?

The pink color is an alert which appears when any of the room or price types you defined on the channel is not mapped to the rooms in HotelRunner. When you receive bookings through an unmapped room and/or price type, this alert appears as the system is unable to find which room to map.

  • To do this, select the Channels / Online Travel Agencies /[ Channel ]/ Room Type / Mapping from the upper menu of HotelRunner panel.
  • Click the “Fetch Room Types” button (on the upper right corner) to fetch your current room list from the channel. When this operation is completed, your room types are re-mapped and the alert disappears.
  • If you have added a new room, please map and save this room type on the same page.


Since any of the room or price types you configured on the channel does not map with any of the room types on HotelRunner, the system will fail to update availability on other channels.
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