I have created a new room type on the sales channel but it does not appear on the HotelRunner panel. What should I do?

When you create a new room on the sales channel, you must import it to the system from the Channels field. If that room is not defined on HotelRunner, you must create it on the HotelRunner platform as well.
If you would like to send price and availability details for a room you have recently created on the channel although it exists on the HotelRunner system, please follow the below steps:

  • Please click Channels / Online Travel Agencies / Changed Channel / Active / Room Mapping from the upper HotelRunner menu.
  • And then click Bring Room Types.
  • Please map your new room types with related ones on HotelRunner, and click Save.
    Retrieving Room Types

    Retrieving Room Types

    New Room Type on Channel

    New Room Type on Channel

If a room type you have created on the channel does not exist on the HotelRunner system, please follow the steps below to create them:

  • Please click the My Property / Calendar section from the upper menu of HotelRunner panel.
  • Screenshot 2014-12-18 09.56.43

    Addding a New Room

  • In the room types section, start adding new rooms types from the Add New Room Type on the right corner.

    Adding a New Room

  • From the pop-up window, select the Room type, Number of rooms, Room capacity, Adult Guest Capacity, Sales period, Pricing type (By Room/Person), No refund confirmation (if you have no refund rule) and Price details and then click Create.
  • You must define prices and availabilities for this new room type. Click here for further information.
  • After defining the prices and availabilities, please click the Channels / Online Travel Agencies section in the upper menu of the HotelRunner panel to integrate the room types on your channels.
  • Please select the channel you wish to integrate and then enter the details in the Room Mapping screen on the left hand corner. When you click Bring Room Types from the right hand corner, the system will start retrieving your room types on the channel.  When the action is complete, you must map and save the room you have recently added.


  • Number of rooms:What is the total number of this room type in the property?
  • Room capacity:How many guests can stay in each “x” room?
  • Adult Guest Capacity:How many adult guests can stay in each “x” room?
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