How to add my manual reservation to the system?

There are several ways to add a reservation onto the system when you receive it directly or via phone.

  1. Adding through the calendar field: Please click Calendar from the upper menu of HotelRunner panel to update your availability for the reservation you receive via phone or directly. And enter your room type / start-end dates for reservation / latest availability status. Then click Apply to add availability details for the reservation you have imported to the “calendar”.
  2. Adding through Facebook or your booking widget: If you have a Facebook app button or booking widget created by HotelRunner, you can remove availabilities automatically from the system by using these fields and booking through the guest details. Through this method, you will save your reservation in the Bookings fields as well. It is the most effective method to manage your bookings and availabilities in the easiest way.
    Note: While performing this action, you must log out from the HotelRunner system. You can check this reservation from the Bookings field with the Online channel name.
  3. Adding as admin: From the Bookings section, please click Add Booking to create a reservation by entering the room, date etc. details, as booked by your guest. Click here.
    Note: When you add a reservation as administrator, availabilities are not removed from the calendar. The administrator has a limitless booking privilege. When you add a reservation based on this method, you must remove availabilities from the calendar with the above method mentioned in the first article.
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