How to Utilize Booking Button Customization?

  • By utilizing Booking Button Customization, you can customize your button by changing the colors and background, giving it a touch suitable for your corporate identity and website.To customize your Booking Button, please follow the instructions below.
    • Please go to the upper menu of HotelRunner panel and click Channels / Booking Buttons
    • Please click Customizations on the left hand side.
    • After completing the necessary customization on the pop-up field, please click Save to save your actions.

    Booking Button Customizations

    Customized Booking Button Example

    [/alert]Presetting: You can chose ‘Custom’, ‘Dark’,  ‘Light’ as your preset. ‘Dark’ and ‘Light’ settings create a default customized booking form. In the ‘Custom’ preset field, you can create the customization as you wish.
    Panel Image: You can add a photo to your booking button background.
    Actions: You can edit the color of the ‘Search’ button on your booking button.
    Action Tag: You can edit the color of action fields in your booking button (Date entries, child selection etc.).
    Titles: You can edit the colors of text titles in your booking button.
    Panel Color: You can choose the panel color for the action field in your booking button.
    Panel Background Color: You can change the background color of your booking button.
    Content Panel Color: You can change the panel color for the content field in your booking button.[/alert]
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