How to connect Adonis?

  1. Points to be considered before the connection
    • The price and availability details of all room types must be identified on the “Calendar” section of HotelRunner extranet before connection. After connection, HotelRunner will transfer your full inventory to Adonis.
    • When your Adonis XML connection is done, Adonis reservations will be sent by HotelRunner via e-mail. You can also view your reservations clicking Reservations section on the upper menu of HotelRunner extranet.
  2. Channel approval for XML connection
    • Approval is not needed for connection. To request the hotel code which is special for HotelRunner from your Adonis representative will be enough for connection.
  1. Connection

    • To start connection, first of all please click Channels / Online Travel Agencies sections respectively from the upper menu of HotelRunner extranet.
    • Please follow the instructions by clicking “Connect” inside Adonis.
    • Please type your Adonis user ID (which is special for HotelRunner) in the “Hotel Code” field and then click “Next”.
      Channel Connection

      Channel Connection

  1. Mapping
    • At this stage, your Room / Rate Types on Adonis will appear respectively on the HotelRunner Room Type Mapping page. If not, please contact your HotelRunner representative.
    • Firstly, please select the relevant room from the “Availability” field for your rooms on the channel and make the mapping of main availabilities. Secondly, make the matching of the rooms with the rooms under “Rate Types for Rooms in the Online Travel Agency” which you will assign your rates to.
    • After completing that mapping, please click “Next Room Type” and then follow the same steps respectively for other room types as well.

      Room Type Mapping-1

      Room Type Mapping-2

    • To make detailed mapping for rooms on the channel, please click Advanced Settings. You can make additional amendments and set your channel commissions over the Advanced Settings field. Furthermore, if you are not willing to assign rate or availability of the mentioned room to the channel extranet, you can set a list of limitations and rules during your mapping process by clicking the Read Only field (Sending Updates Is Not Possible).
      Base Allotment: If you have a base allotment for this room type on the channel, you can define the number of base allotment in this section.
      Adjustment: If you would like to assign a different rate than the rate that you mapped before, you can edit it in this field.
      Commission: If you would like to assign net rate without commission to the channel, you can type your commission rate to be deducted from the total rate in this field. If you send gross rate (including commission) to the channel, you do not need to change anything with this section. Example: When the “Commission included” option is active and you type “20%” as your commission rate; “$100” which is sent through calendar will be delivered as “$83,33” to the channel extranet. When the “Commission included” option is passive and you type “20%” as your commission rate; “$100” which is sent through calendar will be delivered as “$80” to the channel extranet.
      Stop Sale: When this option is checked, the mentioned rate type will be closed for sale for the whole calendar on the channel.
      Read Only (Sending Updates Is Not Possible): If you do not want to send any updates for this rate type on your channel (rate, availability, min-stay, stop-sale etc.), please check the “Read only” option. When this option is checked, your reservations will still be displayed on the HotelRunner extranet.
      Master Rate: If you check “Master Rate” option for this rate type, it will be displayed on the top of your calendar.

      Room Type Mapping – Advanced Settings

      Once you complete your mapping for whole room and rate types, please click the “Complete & Send Room Mapping” button.

      Completing the Room Type Mapping

  1. Activation

    • After completing mapping, please click “Save”.
    • After this process, please click “Activate” button in the final step of the Adonis connection.


    • After the XML connection is completed, all your inventory (rate, availability) on your HotelRunner calendar will be transfered to the Adonis extranet.


  • Because Adonis is a B2B channel, you must set “Commission included” option as passive and type a commission rate so that net rate will be sent to the channel. Please contact your Adonis representative to confirm your commission rate.
  • After connection, please check all your rates and availabilities through HotelRunner calendar.
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