How to Set Up a HostelBookers Connection?

  1. Steps to Consider Before Setting Up the Connection:
    • The price and availability details of all rooms must be identified on the “Calendar” section of HotelRunner extranet before setting up this connection. After connecting, HotelRunner will upload your full inventory on HostelBookers.
  2. Obtaining Approval from the Channel for XML Connection
    • No approval is needed for connection. Simply request your hotel code, username and password from your HostelBookers representative.
  1. Connection
    • Once you receive your HostelBookers connection details, please go to Channels /  Online Travel Agencies on the upper menu of HotelRunner panel.
    • Please follow the instructions by selecting Connect to the HostelBookers agency.
    • Please check your HostelBookers username and password, and then click “Next”.
      Channel Connection

      Channel Connection

  1. Mapping
    • At this stage, your Room / Rate Types on HostelBookers will appear respectively on the HotelRunner Room Type Mapping page. If not, please contact your HotelRunner representative.
    • At first, please select the relevant from the “Availability” field for your rooms on the channel and map main availabilities. Secondly, map the rooms you will assign rates corresponding to the rooms under “Rate Types for Rooms in the Online Travel Agency“.
    • After completing the mapping, please click “Next Room Type” and then follow the aforementioned steps for other room types as well.

      Room Type Mapping-1

      Room Type Mapping-2

    • To complete detailed mapping for rooms on the channel, please click Advanced Settings. You can make additional amendments from the Advanced Settings field and set channel commissions. Also, if you are not willing to assign rate or availability of the relevant room to the channel, you can set a list of limitations and rules regarding the mapping by checking the Read Only field (Sending Updates Is Unavailable).
      Base Availability: If you have a base availability for this room type on the channel, you can define the number of base availabilities here.
      Additional Editing: If you would like to assign a rate different than the rate type mapped with the channel, you can edit it in this field.
      Commission: If you wish to assign gross rate to the channel, with the exclusion of commission, you can type the commission rate to be deducted in this field. If you are entering a rate in the channel, with the inclusion of commission, please do not perform any actions in this field. Example: When the “Commission included” option is available and you enter “20%” as the rate, “$100” to be retrieved from the calendar will be treated as “$83,33” on the channel extranet. Example: When the “Commission included” option is unavailable and you enter “20%”, “$100” to be retrieved from the calendar will be treated as “$80” on the channel extranet.
      Stop Sale: When this option is checked, sales will stop for all the dates for your relevant rate type on the channel.
      Read Only (Sending Updates Is Unavailable): If you do not wish to send any updates for this rate type on your channel (rate, availability, min-stay, stop-sale etc.), please check the “Read only” option. When this option is checked, your bookings will be still displayed on the HotelRunner platform.
      Main Rate: If you check “Main Rate” for this rate type on your channel, it will display on the top of calendar.

      Room Type Mapping – Advanced Settings

    • Once you complete room mapping, please click the “Complete & Send Room Mapping” button.

      Completing the Room Type Mapping

  1. Activation
    • After completing Room Type Mapping, please click “Save”.
    • After this process, please tap “Activate” in the final step of the HostelBookers link in HotelRunner panel.


    • After the connection is setup, all the inventory (rate, availability) information on your HotelRunner calendar will be uploaded on your HostelBookers extranet.
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