How to perform children pricing?

To activate children pricing

Please go to My Property / More / Rules / Other Rules from the upper menu of your HotelRunner panel and then check “Children Pricing” in the pop-up window.

  • Please define the children age range applied in your hotel from the subsection in the same window.
  • Please click the “Age Range” button on the right corner to enter a new age range.
  • Please click Save on the right bottom when you are finished.
    Child Rate

    Child Rate

After this process, you must select the room you want to add children price in My Property / Room Types from the upper menu in your HotelRunner panel. From the “Prices” section on the left of the selected room button, you must save the children pricing. To identify the children pricing in the Prices section, the Pricing Type must be selected as “Individual Pricing”.
Child Rte

Children Pricing

  • Then please enter the children rate according to the determined base and click Save.
    After saving this action, you update the rates in the Calendar section from the upper menu of HotelRunner panel to validate your children pricing.


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