How to create a booking search box?

Your webmaster can utilize the following URL parameters to create a booking search box suitable for your website’s structure.

Main URL:

checkin_date_temp=13/09/2015 (Date formatted in the language selected by the customer) (optional)
checkin_date=2015-09-13 (Check-in Date- Must be in the YYYY-MM-DD format)
checkout_date_temp=16/09/2015 (Date formatted in the language selected by the customer) (optional)
checkout_date=2015-09-16 (Check-out Date – Must be in the YYYY-MM-DD format)
rooms[count]=1 (Number of selected rooms)

guest_rooms[1][adult_count]=1 (Number of adult guests)
guest_rooms[1][child_ages][]=3 (Children ages – Must be array)
guest_rooms[1][guest_count]=2 (Total number of adults and children)

coupon_code= (Coupon code to activate the hotel)

currency=EUR (Currency)

locale=en-US (Language – Format: tr-TR, de-DE, fr-FR, it-IT)


If you want to add more rooms and people and distribute them in different ways, please refer to the following example as to the structure you will see on the server:

guest_rooms[{{ ODA_NO }}][{{ PARAMETRE_ADI }}]

guest_rooms: {
1: {
    adult_count: 1,
    guest_count: 2,
    child_ages: [3]
2: {
    adult_count: 1,
    guest_count: 1,
    child_ages: []
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