How to connect

  1. Steps to Consider Before Setting Up the Connection:
    • When setting up this connection, will remove all your price and availability details on the extranet, as required by its own rules. Therefore, the pricing and availability details of all rooms must be defined on the “Calendar” section of HotelRunner extranet before setting up this connection.
    • When your XML connection is set up, you will be notified by HotelRunner with an e-mail showing the reservations you receive through
    • The credit card details for reservations will be obtained through the HotelRunner extranet.
  2. Channel Approval for XML Connection
    • Enter the username and password in the extranet. (
    • Please select “Account” from the upper menu
    • Please go to the “Channel Manager” on the menu on the pop-up page
    • If the “Channel Manager” option is not available to you, please contact to get access to this option.
    • Please press “Start” on the pop-up page.
    • Type “HotelRunner (HDN)” in the “Search for Providers” field on the opening page and then select Two-way Reservations & Availability and click “Next”.
    • There are three different XML connections on; namely the Two-Way Connection, One-Way Connection, Prices and Quota Only. Among them, only the Two-Way Connection is eligible for availability removal on other channels connected to your HotelRunner system.
  1. Connection
    • From the upper menu in the HotelRunner panel, please go to the Channels / Online Travel Agencies.
    • Please follow the instructions by selecting “Connect” to the agency.
    • Write the username in the “Hotel Code” field and click “Next”.

      Connect Channel

  1. Mapping
    • All your Room/Rate types are shown at this step. If not, please contact your HotelRunner Customer Success Specialist or follow Channel Approval for XML Connection instructions carefully above.
    • First of all, you should map “Availability” option of the first room type which comes from with the respective room/price options you defined on HotelRunner.
    • Secondly, map rate types which come from with the respective rate types you defined on HotelRunner.
    • After complete Availability and Rate Types mapping, follow the same process for other room types by clicking the “Next Room Type” button.
    • Room Type Mapping-1

      Room Type Mapping-2

    • If you want to make extra settings about room/rate mapping, you can click on “Advanced Settings”
      Adjustment: If you prefer to submit a different rate from the already mapped rate, you may update it from this field.
      Commission: If you prefer to submit a commission free rate to the channel, you may enter the commission percentage into this field. If you are submitting the commission included rate, do not interfere this field. Examples: When “Commission included” option is checked, if you enter the commission rate as “%20”, a “$100” price will be submitted as “$83,33” to the channel extranet.
      When “Commission included” option is unchecked, if you enter the commission rate as “%20”, “$100” price will be submitted as “$80” to the channel extranet.
      Read-Only: If you don’t want to send any updates for this price type on the channel (rate, availability, min-stay, stop-sale etc.), check the “Read-only” option. If you check this option, your reservations will continue to display on HotelRunner platform.
      Master Rate: If you define your rate type as “Master rate”, you can have it displayed on the top of the calendar.
      Base Allotment: If you have a base allotment for this room type, you can define it from this field.
      Stop Sale: If you check this option, this price type will be closed for sale for all dates.

      Room Type Mapping-Advanced Settings

      After complete, all your room/rate types mapping, click on the “Complete & send room mapping” button.

      Room Type Mapping

  1. Activation
    • Before clicking the “Activate” button in the opening screen, your HotelRunner Customer Success Specialist should approve your connection.
    • After HotelRunner Customer Success Specialist approves your connection, enter your extranet.
    • Please select “Account” from the upper menu.
    • Please go to the “Channel Manager” on the menu.
    • Proceed to the final confirmation. To confirm that the XML is activated, please check if it reads “XML” next to “Price and Availability” in the upper menu of extranet.
    • After this operation, please click “Activate” on the screen in the final step of the link in HotelRunner panel.


    • After activating process, HotelRunner starts to send all your inventory which you enter to HotelRunner calendar to
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