How to perform minimum stay?

There are two methods to determine minimum stay:

1-Determining stay through the Basic Updates calendar,

  • Please go to the upper menu of HotelRunner panel and click Calendar / Basic Updates calendar respectively. Since the price and availability types differ from each other for minimum stay, you must perform the related actions individually for each channel.  After selecting a channel from the pop-up window, click Continue.
  • Please first select the room type you wish to assign minimum stay from the left hand side of calendar field, and then specify the startend dates you wish to apply minimum stay.
    Minimum Stay

    Minimum Stay

  • If the prices and availabilities are not updated with this action, you will not need to enter any details in the Price-Availability
  • Finally, click on the More link on the right-hand-side of the channel you have selected.
    Minimum Stay

    Minimum Stay

    • The pop-up window includes your room types available on the system, as retrieved from the channel on the left hand side. You must specify minimum stay for any individual room. After selecting the room type from the left hand side, please determine your minimum stay value and then click OK.
    • To apply this action in your calendar and channels, click the OK button, and then click the Apply
    • Please check your actions from the pop-up preview window and then click Update.
    • After the channel update is complete, you can check your action by selecting the checkbox for the Show Limitations field on the upper right of Basic Updates calendar.

    2-Determining stay through the Bulk Updates calendar,

    • Please go to the upper menu of HotelRunner panel and click Calendar / Bulk Updates
    • Please check Minimum Stay from the left hand side and select the dates for which this action is applicable.
    • Please determine the minimum stay value for the room you would like to perform an action for from the minimum stay fields appearing in the center.
    • From the right-hand field, check the channel list and then click Update.

    You can check your actions by going to Calendar / Basic Updates / Show Limitations respectively

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