How can I create a 24-hour campaign?

The available campaigns in the system are Basic Deal, Minimum Accommodation, Early Booking, Last-Minute and 24-Hour Campaign. Please follow the below steps to add one of the available campaigns.

  • Please click My Property / Promotions in the upper menu of HotelRunner panel.


  • Please click the Campaigns link on the left and then click Add Campaign.
  • Please select the Campaign type you want to add and complete your operations.


24-Hour Campaign: With this campaign, you can apply discounts by determining the minimum number of days you will accommodate your guests. Please perform the following steps to add a 24-Hour campaign.


24 Hour

  • After the above-mentioned operations (add campaign), please select the 24-Hour Campaign Menu.
  • Please select the discount rate you want to apply.
  • Please specify the name of campaign, campaign policy, date range, date option, non-refund rule (if applicable) and room type to which the discount will be applicable.
  • Please specify the date for the last 24 hours in which your guests can benefit from the discount.
  • Click Save.
As part of your free HotelRunner account, you are entitled to adding one deal. If you would like to create more deals with different dates and discount rates, you must subscribe to “Booking Button – Deals”. Please visit HotelRunner Store now to get your subscription.
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