Please go to My Property / Room Types section from the upper menu of HotelRunner panel. In the room types section, please first add new rooms types from the Add New Room Type button on the right corner.

From the pop-up window, select the Room type, Room number, Room capacity, the number of Adult Guests, Sales period, Pricing type (By Room/Person), Non-Refund rule and the Non-refund Confirmation (if applicable) and Price details and then click Create.

Note: After complete the first step of room creation, you can name the room

Shared Room: To sell same room type to different guests (for hostels)
Number of physical room count for the room type.
Room Capacity:
What is the number of guests who can stay in each room?
Adult Capacity:
What is the number of adult guests who can stay in each room?
Pricing Type:
Guest Based Pricing allows you set (-)(+)€ or (-)(+)% margin between guests. Room Based Pricing allows to set a single price which available for all guests.

Example for Room Based Pricing;

Important: If your room rates vary across guests counts, you should choose Guest Based Pricing.

Base Price: This is rack rate for the room type which allows to see the guest based rate calculation clearly.

Example for Guest Based Pricing;

Note: If you would like a set a occupancy as master rate, leave Refundable margin box as € 0.00. In this example; Double Rate has been set as master rate. According to this setting, this room type should be updated with Double Rate in the Calendar section. The system will calculate Singe and Triple rates automatically with margins which has been set. If you have Non-Refundable option for this room type, you should set discount for each one.

You can enter rates and availabilities or perform stop sales actions for all your rooms and channels from the bulk updates field. To perform bulk updates, please follow the steps below;

  • Please go to the upper menu of HotelRunner panel and click Calendar / Bulk Updates
  • On the left-hand-side, please select Availability and Price from the What would you like to update? section.
  • Please select the Start Date / End Date.
  • Please select the days you wish to perform actions for.
  • In central field, enter your Availability and Price (the price which you set as master rate in the room type settings) for the date range.
  • Please select the channel(s) you wish to perform updates for from the channels section on the right-hand-side.(If you have not channel connection yet, select “Online” to update)
  • Click Update to save your actions.
  • Check your update details from the opening preview window and then click Update to complete your action.
  • You can check each of your actions from Calendar / Basic Updates section.

Note: You can repeat these actions for your other date ranges.


As soon as you complete these main steps, you can set a meeting with the following button.